Urgent care provider Integrated Care 24 (IC24) attended the UK Social Enterprise Awards this week, as finalists in the technology category.

The UK Social Enterprise Awards took place in London on 28 November and IC24 was joined in the category by six other shortlisted organisations.

In August 2018 IC24 was shortlisted for its development of a performance related mobile phone application.

The app makes real time data instantly available for operational and clinical managers twenty four hours a day 7 days a week. It provides a whole-organisation view in terms of demand and clinical capacity and local information linked to service area allowing them to make effective decisions to improve service performance, quality and service efficiency.

It also has the ability to provide live patient satisfaction information so managers can monitor live patient satisfaction to ensure the best possible service is being provided at all times.

The app was developed in-house by the IC24 IT team and has been rolled out across all its services in Kent, East Surrey, Sussex, Essex, Norfolk and Waveney and Northamptonshire.

David Brown, IC24’s Director of Digital Technology and Performance said: ‘We were delighted to have been finalists at the Social Enterprise Awards. At IC24 we are proud to be a not for profit organisation. We design a lot of our technology solutions in-house and we are constantly looking for opportunities where we can use technology to improve the digital experience for our people and provide high quality services to our patients.'

'As well as innovating in the form of our mobile app, we are also trialling other exciting opportunities such as electronic prescriptions, our clinical assessment service and video consultations to further improve our patients’ experiences with us. Attending the awards was a great opportunity to hear about the amount of excellent work taking place within the social enterprise sector.’