We are delighted to publish our first social impact report.

The report, which is aligned to the reporting period of our annual report, is designed to showcase the breadth of contribution that Integrated Care 24 (IC24) makes to the healthcare economy, wider society and the people it serves.

Reinvest surpluses

We provide urgent unscheduled primary care services across the south and east of England, and as a social enterprise ensure that any surpluses are reinvested into the service and good causes.

Throughout the year we have raised thousands of pounds for charity, and invested in new technology and development opportunities for our people to make sure that we are a sustainable organisation, which continues to provide great care to our patients.

Social enterprise Gold Mark

In 2018 we were re-accredited with the Social Enterprise Gold Mark, which is an accolade we have held since 2014. The Gold Mark is awarded to organisations that can evidence best practice across a number of business areas, including governance, business ethics and financial transparency.

Following the publication of the inaugural copy, it will now be published on an annual basis.

You can download a copy of our social impact report by clicking here.

'Sustainable organisation'

Chief Executive Yvonne Taylor said: ‘Our recent Gold Mark re-accreditation process highlighted the importance of not just saying we are a good social enterprise, but also demonstrating that too, which is why we have produced this report. Each month we receive lots of feedback from our patients thanking us for the care they have received. We continue to improve the quality of our services through the investment of any surplus into our services and our people so we remain an innovative sustainable organisation for years to come.’