Annual Reporting

Here you will find the reports that we produce on an annual basis.


Workforce Race Equality Standard


The Workforce Race Equality Standard - or WRES - is an NHS requirement to provide data on our race equality metric and is a contractual expectation that we produce this report annually.


Read our full WRES report


Download a one-page highlight summary

Gender Pay Reporting


In 2017 gender pay gap reporting was introduced for organisations with 250 or more employees.


On an annual basis we now publish specific information regarding the gender pay gap within our organisation.


To read our latest analysis - our 2019 gender pay report - click here

Social Impact Report


We are proud of our status as a social enterprise, delivering healthcare services on a not for profit basis.


We produce this report on an annual basis to demonstrate the social value we deliver to our patients, our people and to the wider communities that we serve.


Read our social impact report.